2-3 hours of perfection or 50 mins to an hour of long term damage...

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

Russian volume eyelash extensions, classic eyelash extensions, whatever your preference so many of you I hear say ' but she only took an hour to do a full set' before I used to panic, feel intimidated almost, that I was under this huge amount of pressure to produce this perfect set of eyelash extensions, with the perfect isolation, placement and fans in an hour or my clients would go elsewhere. The realisation of it all is more and more lash technicians are born on a daily basis, some for the love and passion of lashes and others to earn a fast buck or two. Ladies the truth in the matter is as a lash artist and lash trainer the one thing I preach, is our job is to enhance your natural lash, keep them healthy whilst extending and creating fullness. This cannot be done safely in an hour, isolating each one of your natural lashes and creating a fan that is evenly weighted with the correct weight takes time. Picking up a handful of lashes, dipping in adhesive and plonking down on a bunch of your natural lashes takes no time at all, the growth of each natural lash at different times will pull on those around it causing premature lash loss, is that what you really want, the risk of them never growing back the same? The question you need to ask yourself is what happens when you loose your natural lashes, we as lash artists have nothing to work with, is the perfect look for 2 to 3 days really better than the enhanced consistent look for long term?? I see so many sets of thick dark lashes being posted daily and I know you as clients look and think ' I love her MEGA VOLUME I want that!!' I was taught Mega Volume by a very well known educator in our industry, her method is taught throughout the world and scientifically calculated to keep the natural lash healthy, all of this takes time, precision and COST... which will lead me to my next blog....

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