What do your prices reflect...

Ping, you have a message... I was just wondering how much your lashes are??

Me: £35 for a full set of classics £45 Russian volume.

Client: That's cheap can I book in.

As someone who prides herself on staying educated and passing this on through her work and training, cheap is not how I want to be seen.

I think in my late teens early twenties a lot of people probably wondered where I'd end up? I guess this leads to where I am now... confidence on the outside has always been a big front of mine, inside I think because of the mistakes I made growing up I more than likely doubt myself worth more than those around me. If I stop and ask myself how I started my business and how have I got here? I would definitely say by spending a lot of money in education, which every 6 months with an industry leader costs, products and set up. Time, educating takes time, research takes time, Id even go as far as to say time sacrificed away from loved ones... time that can never be replaced. So what should I charge??My confidence and self belief has had a true impact on my prices, and then in turn my quality of work, Working from Essex a market saturated in beauty treatments and competition do you find yourself doubting your worth? Something I've learnt in educating students who want to start out in the lash industry is how naive we are as clients... how easy we think it is to apply lashes, its not till your learning and sitting in this position that you see just how hard it is. Would our clients pay more if they really knew the patience and effort it takes to be great?? As a client, price should not be a deciding factor on who we choose as our therapist, research, reviews and the consultation on what you want should be a guide to whom you trust. We could flip the coin and then see the prices of those who are charging in excess of £25 an hour, do those prices reflect their skill and education or are there some lash technicians with poor skill and education that are exploiting the market and giving eyelash extensions a bad name ?? Its not eyelash extensions that cause damage to your natural lashes, its poorly trained technicians with no continuous support.

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